Aspire USA understands that sometimes an electronic device can be defective and because of this we offer an easy return process for anyone who purchases our products.

 For consumers 

Read the following notes before applying for returns

  • If you find your product to be defective please take it to your seller immediately for a replacement or refund. (All retail stores should be responsible to take back any defective product if purchased from Aspire USA)
  • Refund and exchange policy may vary from store to store.
  • Please note that retail stores have the rights to inspect the items and determine if the defective product is due to a manufacture’s defect or misusage.

 For store owners 

If the products were purchased from Aspire USA, as a reseller you can accept returns with confidence knowing that your reputation and your products are protected from counterfeit and defective merchandise.

If approached by a customer with defective products please check the following steps:

  • Verify the product is a genuine Aspire product. Please use Aspirecig.com and urge your customers to keep their product packaging in order to verify the authenticity of their devices.
  • Verify the product is defective and not an end user related problem; look for damages on the devices and tampering of seals, parts, etc. If unsure please contact us for further assistance.
  • If the product is defective contact Aspire USA and you can return the product for replacement/reimbursement. Aspire USA is not responsible for return shipping fees. (Please note the Aspire USA team does inspect the items as well. If the items are determined to be defective due to misusage, we will not reimburse it.)
  • We encourage all shop owners to open and test products before they leave your store. In the event of a defective product, in order to protect your reputation, you can handle problems before the customer leaves. If the customer is unfamiliar with the product, this is also an opportunity to teach the customer about the product and they are less likely to damage it during use.

Aspire USA stand behind our products. We are here to provide you excellent customer service from a domestic location that can process returns faster than overseas.

Thanks for choosing Aspire brand